I have some vintage items that I want to sell. Would you consider buying them?

It depends. If we see something that's special/unique/rare we sometimes make an offer. We are interested mainly vintage but we are also interested in seeing designer items that you may have. The best policy is to email us with photographs of the items or drop into the store.

How accurate are the sizes?

We strive to provide detailed sizes and measurements for all our clothes. Most of the time we get it right but it can be hard sometimes to give a general size (small/medium/large etc.) as the sizes on vintage items vary greatly from company to company and from different periods. The most accurate way to find the right fit for you is to go by the measurements provided.

How do you look after vintage clothing?
Some items will have specific cleaning instructions to maintain the quality of its materials. For items without care instructions, our best advice is to have a quick look online to find specific care instructions for the item at hand, be it silk or leather.